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Augmented Reality Marketing will help you and your Business

Sign-Up on the TraveulTM and send up to 3 Push Notifications (PN) through our system without having to have your own Mobile App.

Traveul for business

‚ÄčAdvantages of joining the TraveulTM

  • Push Notifications - Connect with potential new customers
  • Description - Personalize the description field with your own message
  • Image - Show the Logo / Picture of your choice
  • Links - Website - Mobile App - Social Media - Video
  • One Click Calling
  • Instant Directions - Uber and Lyft

Connect with customers and let them connect with you, total control and easy to use

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) Augmented reality is a technology that allows for computer-generated virtual imagery information to be superimposed onto a live direct or indirect real world environment in real time.

Uses and Applications for Companies:

Augmented Reality devices superimpose a computer-generated image on top of the real world.

AR lets you see the outside world while adding to what you see.

Augmented reality allows people to interact with the real world in new ways, just use your smartphone.

What added value does AR offer for businesses? "It's really quite simple, you are connecting further with customers and you're seeing your content as a brand in the real world with unbelievable visibility and scale on a 2-way level."

The difference between failure and success is opportunity.

Make sure you stand out.

Traveul for business

TraveulTM is the ultimate marketing platform for businesses, it is effective and affordable.

Join the TraveulTM

We have developed the world's first TraveulTM for daily use by consumers and businesses.

The TraveulTM is a search & discovery application now connecting 87 million businesses with consumers worldwide. It is the "Ultimate Concierge for consumers" incorporating UBER & AIRBnB within the system.

TraveulTM connects businesses and consumers in 2-way communication which allows you to target new customers in the Network.

With using the TraveulTM it offers the most advanced targeted mobile marketing tool to consumers that are close by. It is automated, easy to use and you are in total control.

We are entering the "transformative era of visual search" using AR technology.

The AR revolution is now.

All-in-One Solution

As a subscriber of TraveulTM, you also have the benefit to target market to the entire Network, even if you do not have mobile app. This can be done using TraveulTM Connect which is part of TraveulTM.

TraveulTM Connect Push Notification system allows your business to reach anyone who has the TraveulTM app and target new consumers within the GEO location of your business, by sending offers to people, that way you can create leads for your business.

How it Works

Your business will have a library of products with text, coupons, images, videos etc. so you can program what message you want to push to people near your location in real time. These messages will be sent automatically based on the time and users profile, tailored specifically to them.

Consumers that have the TraveulTM app will get that notice on their phone.

This kind of service offers the most effective advertising available

Tourist, visitors and people in the area searching for what's around them. However, the businesses have no way of responding. Now, once the consumer clicks on their screen, the businesses is notified. That triggers auto push notifications from the business to the consumers' smartphone, like invitations, specials, coupons, photos, videos and much more.

Now the connection has been made between the consumer and the business, 2- way transactions can be made.